Remodel Your Sales Process is an 8-Week, Self-Guided Course that Takes You Through the Sales Process from the Initial Phone Call through After the Job is Complete.

Session #1

Great! You Have A New Prospect. Here’s What To Do Before You Call Them AND The Initial Phone Call: What You Must Do To Make A Great First Impression

Templates/Tools You’ll Receive:Sales Tracking Spreadsheet, Project Discovery Sheet, Appointment Confirmation Email, What to Expect At The First Meeting document

Session #2

5 Powerful Words When Talking With A Remodeling Prospect: This Is How We Work

Templates/Tools You’ll Receive:Design Retainer and Project Development Agreement Examples. Our Process Examples

Session #3

Charging for Design & Project Development

Session #4

The In-Person Meeting: How To Prepare, What To Bring, And The Approach You Should Take

Templates/Tools You’ll Receive:Marketing Kit Overview, Kitchen & Bathroom Selection Sheets, Thank You Card Script

Session #5

No Project Left Behind: Your Lead Tracking, Sales Pipeline, and Follow-up System

Templates/Tools You’ll Receive:Unstuck Emails, 10-Word Email, Lead Dashboard, Customized Lost Job Survey

Session #6

Presenting Your Design &/or Proposal. How To Move Them to a Sold Project, and They Are Sold! Now What?

Templates/Tools You’ll Receive:New Client Kit & Email, Completed Job: Customized Satisfaction Survey, Google Review Email

Session #7

After The Remodeling Job Is Done -Here’s What To Do

Templates/Tools You’ll Receive: An annual plan and marketing calendar for professionally staying in touch with your previous clients and prospects

Session #8

Open Q&A for the group, review of what we covered and a solid Wrap Up!


A Few More Details:

I typically do this work 1-on-1 with clients and I charge $5000 for the full 1on1 personalized experience. I meet regularly with my remodeling client, taking them through the exact same process outlined above.

Since this will be done as a self-paced course, I don’t have to charge my private 1-on-1 rates. But rest assured, you’ll be getting the full $5000+ experience for a fraction of the cost. When you claim your spot – I’ll walk you through the full $5000 experience for just $1497.00. (That’s a generous $4003 group savings!)

Not only that, if you have a business partner or sales employee that you’d like to have work through the course with you, you can bring other members of your team through the course, for free!

There will no doubt be a learning curve with what’s to come in a Post-COVID world –  a new business landscape, a new way to communicate with homeowners, and new selling challenges.

And navigating this new business landscape is going to be much more empowering and less overwhelming when you’re connected to other like-minded professionals.

That’s the focus behind putting this course together. To help dynamic, smart, and dedicated remodelers create a professional, optimized and high converting sales process to come back stronger than ever.

I intend to put tremendous time, energy, and effort into teaching this material. I’m available to answer any questions, so feel free to contact me directly (Call or Text: 517-902-8450 or kyle@remodelyourmarketing.com) – or reach out if you’re ready to sign-up!

How do I sign-up?

What a great question! 🙂 You can order the self-paced version of the course by clicking here. 

Give us a call at 517-902-8450 or email (kyle@remodelyourmarketing.com) with any questions!

About Kyle

My name is Kyle Hunt. For the last 12 years, I’ve worked closely with remodelers around the country.

I write regularly for Remodeling Magazine and NARI, along with other industry publications, and have been a featured speaker at IBS, the national Remodeling Show, and numerous HBA’s.

Most of my remodeling clients focus on selling kitchen, bathroom, and addition projects and are seeking to increase their profits while shrinking the number of hours they work and the stress they are carrying. Time and again I’m able to deliver those results.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email, text or phone ( my personal cell is 517-902-8450).

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