If I was sitting next to you in your office and we started talking about marketing your remodeling business…

Here’s where I would lead you:

First (#1)

We’d dive in and look hard at your 2020 (last year’s) marketing results
  • We would look closely at the # of leads you generated (and where they came from), # of signed projects, 2020 total sales, and average project size.
  • We would pull up QuickBooks, click into the details of the ‘Marketing/Advertising’ line item and review how much and exactly where you spent your 2020 marketing and advertising dollars (this is critical and often overlooked.)
  • This would give us clear insight into what’s working and not working and show us exactly where your precious marketing dollars are being spent and how they’re doing for you.
  • We’d then jump to your 2021 Total Sales goal and overall 2021 plans so that we can understand what we’re trying to achieve with your marketing in 2021 (i.e. if you’re doing $2M in revenue and want to grow 75% this year, most likely we’ll need a more strategic, specific, and perhaps larger marketing budget than someone looking to grow less.)

Then (#2)

We then spend time looking at your overall Marketing Strategy

  • I would push you hard and give you coaching on identifying what truly makes you different than any of your competition, because once you lock that in, you won’t look/talk/act the same as your competition and you stay far away from competing on price alone.
  • We would get crystal clear with your Ideal Client and Ideal Project (the clearer we can get the easier it is to find them with our marketing efforts.)
  • We would create an ‘Our Difference’ marketing piece for your website and marketing efforts (and I’ll show you exactly how to use it to close more projects.)
  • It’s important to lock in our Marketing Strategy before diving into the Tactics.

Third (#3)

Next, we would move over to the Marketing Tactics
  • We would go one by one through all of the Marketing Tactics at your disposal (I’ll look at them with a critical eye and give you my best advice, critique and feedback for making them more powerful, so they attract better quality leads better.)
  • We’d look at each of one of them and discuss for each: What have you done in the past? What have you considered doing? Again, I would share my expertise on what you should do and what I’ve seen other remodelers have success with.
  • The Marketing Tactics we would take our time and go through are are things like:
    • Staying-In-Touch with Previous Clients/Prospects
    • Testimonials
    • Strategic Partner Development
    • Networking/Associations
    • Referral Program
    • Home Shows/Parade of Homes/Events
    • Jobsite Signs
    • Pardon Our Dust Campaigns
    • Advertising (Print, Radio, TV, Sponsorships)
    • Email Marketing
    • Press Releases/Awards
    • Website/SEO/Local Search Engine Marketing
    • Video Marketing/Content Creation
    • Social Media – Facebook/Houzz/Instagram
    • SWAG/Giveaways
    • Your Vehicles/Office/Showroom
    • (with an eye on optimizing everything.)
  • There are a good number of Marketing Tactics and a lot to discuss/review/learn about! (Together we’ll identify the right ones to focus on for your specific business.)

Next (#4)

We would then look at all of your Tactics and put them in Priority Order

(and place some of them in the ‘Parking Lot’)

  • The priority order will depend on who your ideal client/project is, what’s worked for you in the past, your marketing budget, and other factors.
  • The ‘Parking Lot’ is ideas that are good, but that you aren’t going to take action on at this time. We don’t have the time and money for everything, and we need to make sure we put a marketing plan together that we can truly implement and accomplish.

After that (#5)

Once we had the Tactics prioritized, it would be time to set clear S.M.A.R.T.
pecific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Bound) goals for your Marketing Plan
  • I would drive us to create, under each part of our marketing plan exactly what needs to get done, by whom, and by when (knowing this greatly reduces stress and makes your company easier to manage.)
  • Having a clear plan is key to getting it implemented!
  • We would also add a budget amount next to each area of our marketing plan so you can feel comfortable with how much you’re investing in your marketing efforts.

To wrap it up (#6)

Lastly, we’d polish up our Marketing Plan and finalize your clear Marketing Budget!
  • By having a well-thought-out, clear Marketing Strategy, Plan, and Budget – you’re set-up for tremendous implementation and success for the coming year. If this isn’t something you’ve done in the past (or have tried to do, but found it too challenging) I’ll lead you the process so that you get it done and done well.
  • This works!  Over the last decade, I’ve led over 100 professional remodelers through this proven process, with great success.

That is the plan, my friend.

This is how I’ve approached creating a Marketing Plan for the last 12 years that I’ve been a business coach for remodelers.

As you can see: It’s detailed, produces a clear, powerful, and personalized Marketing Plan & Budget and implementing the plan leads to strong lead generation and a healthy remodeling business.

I’d like to invite you to walk through this process with me for your remodeling business in…

An expertly facilitated 8-week mentorship training course to kick off the New Year! Let’s create your personalized 2021 Marketing Game Plan together. 

At the end of the course, you will have:

  1. A clear, actionable 2021 Marketing Plan for growing your remodeling business
  2. A clear strategic and specific 2021 Marketing Budget that attracts more ideal clients to your remodeling business

I typically do this work 1-on-1 with clients and I charge $5000 for the full 1-on-1 personalized experience. I meet regularly with my remodeling client, taking them through the exact same detailed process outlined above.

Since this will be done in a small group setting, I don’t have to charge my private 1-on-1 rates. But rest assured, you’ll be getting the full $5000+ experience for a fraction of the cost.

I had some conversations with past and current clients who’ve gone through this process, to get feedback on how much to charge for this group training and the feedback was consistently between $1750 and $2250 a seat.

I felt that was a very fair rate considering what you’ll walk away with:

  1. Piece of mind knowing you’re not throwing good money at bad marketing
  2. A clear Marketing Plan you can implement and be confident in
  3. More certainty you’ll be attracting more of the right types of leads and jobs for your remodeling business

While I could easily justify charging $2000, I really want to make this a no-brainer for you…

So when you claim your spot – I’ll walk you through the full $5000 experience for just $1497.00. (That’s a generous $3503 of savings!)


1 Payment of


Here’s a quick recap of what you’re getting:

What You Get:
  • 8 Recorded Coaching Calls to work through at your own pace – Over the 8 weeks, we will walk through the Marketing Plan & Budget process just as I outlined above.
  • I’ll provide you with the customizable and detailed Marketing Plan
  • You’ll receive a professional Marketing Budget Spreadsheet
  • Along the way I’ll share all of my proprietary templates, tools, and resources with you, so you have a clear path forward and can stay organized
  • Have a question as we go through the course? You have direct email access to me – ask your questions and I’ll always go above and beyond to give you my very best feedback/advice/direction

Rest assured you are in good hands.

About Kyle

My name is Kyle Hunt. For the last 12 years, I’ve worked closely with remodelers around the country.

I write regularly for Remodeling Magazine and NARI, along with other industry publications, and have been a featured speaker at IBS, the national Remodeling Show, and numerous HBA’s.

Most of my remodeling clients focus on selling kitchen, bathroom, and addition projects and are seeking to increase their profits while shrinking the number of hours they work and the stress they are carrying. Time and again I’m able to deliver those results.

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