Knowing your numbers will allow you to optimize your efforts, make running your remodeling business easier, and most certainly your profit margins higher.

This limited availability training is about helping you gain confidence and clarity around your NUMBERS, so you can make MORE money in your remodeling business.


How To Make (More) Money In Your Remodeling Business

6-Session Self-Guided Course

Investment: $1497

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This self-guided course will transform your business and help you make more money!

Class 1: P&L Perspective

We’re going to wrestle with your numbers a bit! I’ll be walking you through how to review your Profit & Loss Statement, in detail, so it’s easy to understand and spot opportunities for improvement.

You’ll walk away with an elevated level of clarity, understanding your Profit & Loss Statement like never before (even if you don’t like numbers or you’ve struggled with this in the past).

Class 2: P&L Tweaks and Pivots to Master Your Mark-up

What changes/adjustments do you need to make to how your P&L Statement is set-up? We’ll take care of that during this session.

We’ll also spend half of this class reviewing what your mark-up is and/or should be – and I’ll push you to update/adjust it. This type of hands-on, in the trenches coaching is where business growth happens.

Game-Changer – As part of this class, you will get access to a powerfully simple mark-up calculator.

Class 3: Mark-up vs. Margin & Employee Labor Burden

We’ll review your percentages/margins and compare/contrast them to what I’m seeing as best practices in the industry, so you’ll know where you might be falling short and how to improve.

I’ll clearly teach you how to understand Mark-up vs. Margin once and for all!

We’re also going to complete a worksheet to make sure you’re calculating your Employee Labor Burden correctly to help make you more money.

Class 4: Job Costing Made Easy

I’ll show you how to set-up a simple Job Costing System in your Remodeling Business so that you can clearly see your Expected vs. Actual Gross Profit on every project.

Getting this implemented and installed will make you a better estimator, project manager, and a (much) more profitable remodeler.

Class 5: How To Build Your Simple & Powerful Business Budget

In step-by-step fashion, we will set-up a simple, organized, realistic, and reachable business budget for your remodeling business. This is a duplicatable process that you can use year after year.

Seeing how all of the numbers come together will help you achieve a more profitable year.

Class 6: The Final Walkthrough: Full Implementation Mastery

Just like the final day of a successful remodel job, where you proudly walk your client through the finished project, so they can feel the excitement of their new room, address any last issues, etc. – we’re going to walk through the process we’re worked through to make sure you intimately get what you’ve learned and have a clear understanding of how to implement your new skills.

Ready to Get Started?

A Money Back Guarantee for You:

I could easily charge $3000 for this powerfully important training and I intend to deliver at that level…

But, if for any reason you feel I’ve fallen short on my commitment, you can, within 7 days of attending the first training, simply send me an email asking for a refund and I’ll process it right away. I can’t imagine that happening, because the clarity and confidence you’ll walk away with will not only elevate the professionalism of how you run your remodeling business, it will, in fact, make you MORE MONEY!

About Kyle

My name is Kyle Hunt. For the last 13 years, I’ve worked closely with remodelers around the country.

I write regularly for Remodeling Magazine and NARI, along with other industry publications, and have been a featured speaker at IBS, the national Remodeling Show, and numerous HBA’s.

Most of my remodeling clients focus on selling kitchen, bathroom, and addition projects and are seeking to increase their profits while shrinking the number of hours they work and the stress they are carrying. Time and again I’m able to deliver those results.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email, text or phone ( my personal cell is 517-902-8450).

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