You’ll leave this 4-session course with a marketing/sales asset that gives clarity to your prospects (and you/your team!) It will help you move projects through your sales process far quicker and you’ll close more sales.

Power Positioning to Maximize Revenue! 5 Powerful Words When Talking With A Remodeling Prospect: This Is How We Work

When: 4, 75-minute sessions

What: I’m already looking forward to this class! Powerful and practical, you will walk away from this course with a completed and ready to implement asset, by the last session.

It works like magic, because once you have your ‘This Is How We Work / Our Process’ crystal clear and in an easy to review and understand in a format prospects and clients grasp – it will allow you to quickly move (with much less time or resistance) more prospects to paying projects.

Do you have a Written Remodeling Process? (i.e. Something that a homeowner could review and see step by step how your remodeling process goes.)

Most don’t and it costs them dearly! It’s another deadly, profit-killing mistake I see too many remodelers make and this course is the FIX!

Maybe you said that you do have a process in place, that’s great! Then our goal together would be to help you make it far more effective.

You’ll follow a proven framework that positions your This Is How We Work Process in a crystal clear, easy to understand (benefit-rich and value-driven) way! (I’ll help you make your process EASY for clients to say YES to.)

You’ll walk away from this course with a professionally written and branded document prospects can hold in their hand. (A major differentiator from the competition that will up your professionalism and credibility in the homeowner’s eyes).

Your clients will clearly (beyond a shadow of a doubt) know the next step and have clear expectations. This is BY FAR one of the most important systems/strategies to have in place. It greatly professionalizes your brand and helps close more and better clients, who will pay more and complain less.

Together we’ll organize your process from start to finish (from 1. Initial Phone Call 2. Initial In-Person Meeting 3. Preliminary Design/Budget 4. Detailed Design/Budget 5. Pre-Construction, etc.) so you walk away with it written out and professionally organized.

This powerful asset is something you’re able to send to them via email before the initial meeting… (talk about standing out from the competition!)

You can also use it on a page of your website, or during your sales calls… and in your marketing materials.

Most remodelers I speak with don’t have something like this place…

Over the years, my clients who get this locked in and implemented see tremendous upside in terms of better overall type of clients, higher-paying jobs, more immediate bond in building know, like and trust, improved differentiation from the competition, and much more!

If you don’t have something like this in place, this course is going to improve your remodeling business in many ways!

Results To Expect: You’ll leave this class with a marketing/sales asset that gives clarity to your prospects (and you/your team!) It will help you move projects through your sales process far quicker and you’ll close more sales.

Investment: $997

The biggest value for me was from the confidence gained in regards to the marketing of the design agreement. It normalized the conversation that “This is how we work, this is why we do, what we do, and it makes us a better partner.”

I thought we had this down, but we were able to sharpen our game here too. We did not have this process on our website and we will add this soon. It will clarify our process before the first client meeting.

The fall course I took was on the Our Process piece. I enjoyed the course because Kyle gave very good examples of what works. He then had us put our own together as a group so we could get many good ideas and perspectives. I would recommend this course to anybody in remodeling no matter where you are in your business journey. It is something that I will be revisiting often as we go along tweaking our process.

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