22 Social Media Ideas for Remodelers

Social media is just one component of your overall marketing plan as a remodeler. You know you need to have a strong Facebook and Instagram presence, but you’re not sure what to post for your remodeling business. And, when it comes down to it, you’re too busy to consistently give it your time and attention. 

While we’ve worked to create a streamlined done-for-you Facebook posting service for kitchen and bathroom remodelers, we also wanted to offer some advice for what else you can post on your Facebook or Instagram pages to promote your remodeling business!

Here are 22 Facebook and Instagram post ideas for remodelers to use:

22. Design Work – Take pictures during the initial part of the design process! Post about all that goes into this. Educate your clients so they know what to expect!

21. Selections Process – Again, educate your prospects! Post a picture of choosing tiling, cabinetry, etc. with a client. Talk about the selections process, what to expect with lead times, etc., and help your prospective clients come to you already knowing this will be part of the process. 

20. What to Expect (Initial Phone Calls, Pre-Construction Meeting, Final Walkthrough, etc) – Again, the more we can prepare people, the better! Help them know what to anticipate by creating short posts about the questions you ask on the initial phone call or what you cover during a final walkthrough. Pick one aspect of your process and create an education post around it.

19. Ballpark vs Detailed Estimates Many people are confused about what a “free estimate” is and isn’t! Help combat their confusion by being upfront about the differences, explaining what a ballpark estimate is, and all that needs to go into a detailed estimate.

18. Before and Afters – People LOVE a good transformation. Create before and after posts (you can make easy collages with a tool like Canva) and let everyone “oooo” and “ahh” over that outdated kitchen coming to life!

17. Client Testimonials – Your clients love you! Use their words and experiences to help market your remodeling company! There are a few ways you can do this. One way is to share their words as the text for a post with their project photos. The other is to take a quote from them, create a quick graphic for it in Canva, and share about how much you loved working with that family in the text.

16. Job Site Cleanliness – Everyone has heard horror stories about remodeling projects gone array. Help show what makes you different by snapping a picture of something you do to help keep the job site clean (stacked tools, someone sweeping, dust barriers, etc). and post about how you treat your clients’ homes with respect by prioritizing job site cleanliness.

15. “Above and Beyond” Examples – Is there something you do to go above and beyond for your clients? Maybe it’s swapping out air filters to combat the dust the project has created, a personalized gift at the end of a job, or following up with them to see if they have any problems/questions 6 months after the job is done. Whatever you do to go above and beyond, take a picture of a specific instance of it occurring and post about it!
14. Introduce Your Team Members – Do a spotlight post on your team members! People love seeing actual, human faces in social media posts. Write a little description about how long they’ve been at the company, something they really excel at, or a fun fact about them and post it with a photo of them (be sure to tag the team member’s page!. It makes prospects feel connected to your team, helps them recognize the voice on the phone and lead carpenter who shows up at the job site. Plus, friends and family of the team member love sharing these types of posts and recommending you to their friends on Facebook!

13. Answer FAQs – There are questions you are regularly asked about remodeling (How long will this take? Can I buy my own ___ and have you install it? Why do you charge for design, can’t I get a free estimate?)  Help differentiate yourself by educating your prospects before they call you!  Write short posts or create quick videos answering these questions!

12. Process Videos (Especially if They Involve Machinery) – People love to see you in action! Take a video of demo, installation, or any “ta-da” part of a project and post it! If you’re doing a bigger project that requires any sort of heavy machinery, DEFINITELY grab a video a post it! 

11. Holiday Well-Wishes – This is low-hanging fruit that needs to be a part of your social media plan! Post a well-wish and nice little photo or graphic for every holiday!

10. Caption Contests – Have a silly office or job site photo? Post it and let your clients, friends, and family show off their wit by holding a caption contest! 

9. Employee Birthdays/Work Anniversaries  – On employee’s birthdays and work anniversaries, post a photo! Snap a quick picture of them and leave a comment congratulating/thanking them, sharing something you appreciate about them or that they do well, and encourage others to do the same in the comments!

8. Community Events (especially if you’re sponsoring) – Support your local community! Share information about local events on your page and consider sponsoring local events, sports teams, etc!

7. “Behind the Scenes” Information – Create a quick “Behind the Scenes” video explaining part of your process, something you’re working on in the office, what you wish people knew before they called you, etc. People love feeling like they have the inside scoop!

6. Share Awards/Education Achievements for Your Business and Team Members! – Are you encouraging your team members to continue their education and certifications?  Recognize them for it! Celebrate their achievements and let your community know how their achievements benefit your clients!

5. This or That Posts – This is a simple, effective idea to increase your comments. Post 2 pictures and ask people to vote for “This” or “That” to vote for their favorite.

4. Time-Lapse Videos – People love seeing rapid transformations! Consider creating a time-lapse video for one aspect of your remodel and share on social media!

3. Share What Makes You Different from the Competition – Do you work hard to keep the jobsite clean? Are you invested in your community? Do you reply within 1 business day to emails? Post about it on Facebook! Practice identifying and articulating what makes your business different than the one across time.

2. Screenshots of Reviews from Google, Houzz, etc. – Grab a screenshot of a review, crop it so no one asks why your phone is almost dead, and share it on your Facebook page! It’s a quick, easy way to share positive words from your clients!

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