Mentorship for Remodelers

Why Coaching Works

Life’s challenges are best solved together and trusted coaches and mentors can play important roles in moving us closer to our goal line. 1-on-1 coaching enables Kyle to get to know you and your business in a meaningful way. It allows for a thorough assessment of the business and its processes and fosters a relationship of trust. What happens as a result is our clients are able to quickly grasp, modify and implement the strategies and processes discussed. 

Join hundreds of other remodeling company owners and staff who have benefited from Kyle’s coaching and training programs. Contact us today to discuss your business – we welcome your inquiries. Questions are the root of all answers. Don’t be shy!

Six years ago we made a huge decision to hire a business coach to help us get our stagnant remodeling business moving. It had such an impact for us right from the start and over the years, Kyle has added so much to our business and work/life balance. At this time of counting our blessings, having him as part of our “Team” is certainly one of them!
Bret Oleksyn
Owner, Odd Fellows Contracting

Our Four Core Areas of Focus

  1. Marketing Plans and Implementation
  2. Sales Process
  3. Financials & Business Strategy
  4. Leadership & Goal Setting
However time and again the challenges we in the remodeling industry face, all consistently align under these four areas. Whether you are the owner of a remodeling company or the you have a key staff member in mind that could use coaching, trust Remodelers On The Rise to bring fresh insight, process, and help to your team.

The deliverable as we work through it is a clear Marketing Plan for your business. We’ll set clear priorities for what you’ll focus on. Have a clear ‘Next Step’ attached to each part of the marketing plan and dates for implementation and who is responsible will be included. We’ll put in the ‘Parking Lot’ ideas that you may incorporate in the future, but that isn’t going to be part of the plan now.

We will set a Marketing Budget as part of this as well – and tie the Marketing Plan & Budget together.

For each area of your Sales Process, I’ll dig in to get an understanding of what you’re currently doing and how you’re doing it and from there offer you my suggestions/ideas/coaching on what you could improve and make better. Steps in the Sales Process that we’ll cover:

  1. Your First Call/Contact With A Prospect
  2. What happens between Initial Phone Call & First In-Person Meeting
  3. Best practices for what to do After In-Person Meeting
  4. Evaluate your Design/Project Development and Estimating Process
  5. Setting up your professional Lead Tracking & Sales Pipeline System
  6. How to best Follow-up with Prospects
  7. What to do when we sign a New Client
  8. What to do when the job is completed
  9. How to effectively Stay-In-Touch with Previous Clients/Prospects

As a client of mine, I have a lot of templates/tools/resources that will make implementing changes/improvements a lot easier for you.

Review the way you currently have QuickBooks or other systems set-up. I’m not an accountant, but I’ve reviewed a lot of contractor Profit & Loss Statements

Review your Profit & Loss Statement in detail – Review percentages/margin results – compare/contrast them to what I’m seeing as best practices in the industry

Offer suggestions on any reorganizing of the Profit & Loss Statement

Highlight areas that we can improve or that we need to look into further

Review your mark-up and update/adjust

Ensure that we have clear Job Cost Reports set-up. Discuss/plan for improvements that need to be made in order to get these in place for every job that we complete

Goal here is to make sure we are seeing how profitable each project is (quoted hours vs. actual hours, etc.)

Discuss/get clear on 1-year business goals and longer-term (5+ year) business goals. Along with other questions:

Do you want to grow/stay-the-same?

More employees or not?

Goal for what you’d like to earn from the business, etc.

We’ll talk through all of these topics and as we are doing so, will create a document that will be your clear 2022 Business Plan that you’ll make decisions, track progress, and take actions based on.

Prepare (In QuickBooks or other) 2022 Business Budget – dig into each line item and discuss. Deliverable is an organized, realistic, and clearly understandable budget that you can plan/work from

Do you need help casting a long-term vision for your company? Leading your team well? Developing clear and consistent communication? We can work on that!

Lastly, in addition to the area above – along the way, you can anticipate that 10-15% of our time will be devoted to improving other areas of your business. I’ll also dig in a bit to work/life balance and offer my coaching and help with that.

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