Is it time to join the Remodelers VIP Club?

Remodelers VIP Club - FOUNDATIONS is designed to help you strengthen the 4 Core Pillars of your remodeling business through self-guided training to help you immediately address the weak points of your business and ongoing training to help you grow and connect with other remodelers. 

If you’re truly a Remodeler On The Rise…
Someone who is not ok with the status quo…
Someone who is striving to build a better and stronger life and business…
Joining the VIP Club – FOUNDATIONS will help deliver quantifiable RESULTS

We have active solutions to help you in these 4 Core Pillars of your business:

Financial Trainings Include: 

  • Addressing Pricing/Mark Up Questions with Prospects & Clients

  • The Financial Dials You Can Adjust to Dial In Your Numbers

  • Job Costing Excellence

  • We Love Estimating: Creating a Solid Launching Pad
Sales Process Trainings Include:
  • Addressing the Elephant in the Room: How to Get the Big Questions Out of the Way Elegantly
  • No Project Left Behind: Your Lead Tracking, Sales Pipeline, and Follow-Up

  • Charging for Design & Project Development
Marketing Trainings Include: 
  • Creating Compelling and Consistent Social Media Posts
  • The Overlooked and Under-Utilized Power of Strategic Partners

  • Using AI in Your Marketing
Team & Leadership Trainings Include:
  • Writing Office Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  • Writing Field Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  • Creating a Training Plan for Your Team

  • Your Game-Plan For Success In The Coming Year

Here's Exactly What You Get With Your VIP Club - FOUNDATIONS Membership

LIVE, Group-Based Training Every Month

On these 4 LIVE calls Kyle will walk you and other VIPs through detailed training on a specific topic.

You'll walk away with actionable ways to improve!

1. Game-Changing Training

Each and every month you will receive training from Kyle or another industry leader in actionable training around one of the Core Pillars.

2. Batting Practice

A dedicated monthly meeting where you sharpen your skills, build confidence, and take ownership of your leadership process. These calls are POWERFUL and a lot of fun. We laugh. We learn. We PRACTICE the exact phrases and wording on a focused topic each month.

3. Monthly Goal Setting Session

Each month, we will focus on setting clear goals for the next 30 days This dedicated meeting will help you to evaluate, track, and set goals. This is about building momentum each and every month!

4. Coaching Gym with Kyle

Take advantage of Kyle’s years of experience coaching remodelers and bring your most pressing questions to that month’s Open Coaching time!

In Addition: On-Demand & In-Person Training

You'll also have access to virtual training to help solve the problems you're facing in your remodeling business that you can access at any time!


Let us know what your problems are and we'll point you to the right lesson to start with.


Additionally (and this is big!), you'll receive 1 ticket to our May 2024 in-person training eventin Michigan!

Remodelers VIP Club Training Library

As a member of the VIP Club, you’ll have exclusive access to the Training Library of over 50 hours of self-guided training sessions and my 4 flagship courses, Remodel Your Sales Process ($1497), Remodel Your Marketing Plan ($1497), Remodel Your Profits ($1497), and Charging for Design & Project Development ($1497).

Remodelers On The Rise LIVE Event Ticket

As a VIP Club - FOUNDATIONS member, you receive a ticket to our May 2024 in-person event. You're not going to want to miss it!

Let's Look at the Investment...

When people pay me for coaching, what’s rolling through my head is:

“If they invest $1,000, how can I help them achieve a RETURN ON INVESTMENT of at least $10,000 in results (10X)”

That’s exactly my plan with this group. To 10X your investment… 

  • There are four pre-recorded courses as part of Remodelers VIP Club ($7,988 of value)
  • 50+ Hours of pre-recorded training around the KEY pillar topics for you and your team ($5,000 of value)
  • 1 ticket to our May 2024 in-person event ($897 of value) 
  • 12 Monthly Goal Setting Sessions
  • 12 Batting Practice / Workshop Sessions
  • 12 Other Trainings sprinkled in during the year related to a Core Pillar of your business 
  • 12 Coaching Gym Sessions to get your questions answered
  • Conservatively, these trainings have a real-world value of $897 a month, that’s an additional $10,764 of value.

As you can see, Remodelers VIP Club – FOUNDATIONS is easily a $24,649 value… 

If you’ve gotten to know me over the years… It’s pretty easy to see that I LOVE to over-deliver! 

My primary goal for this group is MASSIVE RESULTS & MASSIVE ROI against the price of admission! 

All in all, Remodelers VIP Club – FOUNDATIONS is a solid $24,649+ of value. (In fact, I’ve seen other trainers charge much more for much less.)

That’s why I can confidentially say Remodelers VIP Club – FOUNDATIONS delivers the most bang for your buck VALUE than you’ll find anywhere in our industry! 

I would feel absolutely justified charging $1500/month for Remodelers VIP Club

But I’m not going to do that and I want to make this a no-brainer investment for you.  

Join us and…

You’ll lock in a generous savings and pay only $497/month.

And did we mention – there’s no long-term contract? (It’s simply month to month)

How to Get Started

Join the growing community of Remodelers On The Rise in the Remodelers VIP Club - FOUNDATIONS!

See that it’s full of great training that can help you SOLVE problems in your remodeling business:

  • 4 LIVE, group-based trainings every month (don’t forget – your team members can participate in these calls as well!)
  • 50 hours of self-guided training on-demand training and access to our 4 flagship courses – Remodel Your Sales Process ($1497), Remodel Your Marketing Plan ($1497), Remodel Your Profits ($1497), and Charging for Design & Project Development ($1497) 
  • 1 Live Event ticket to our in-person training in May 2024

You read that it’s $497/month – a GREAT value – but see that it’s month-to-month and the training is done by Kyle Hunt, someone who you’ve already (hopefully 🙂) learned a lot from and connect with his style. As a reminder, it’s a month-to-month agreement, not only you but your team members get to participate, and you’re going to love it!

We put your through our Onboarding Process to identify the most valuable training for you to start with, invite you to upcoming LIVE training, invite your TEAM MEMBERS to upcoming LIVE training, and make sure you add our Remodelers On The Rise IN-PERSON Event to your calendar (May 2024) because you have a TICKET as part of your membership! ($897 value)

You realize that you get out of this what you put into it and you start digging into the training! Month in and month out you receive encouragement, motivation, clarity, and you IMPLEMENT what you’re learning. Throughout the year, you continue to make forward progress and are encouraged by a great community of your remodeling peers.

P.S. Need 1 more nudge before you sign up? Watch the quick video below!

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