Spend 2023 with Kyle working through 6 Core Pillars of your business and you’ll make more money, build momentum, protect your time, and feel more in control of your remodeling business. All while making some new friends along the way! (Your membership includes in-person LIVE event tickets.) 


Here’s My Big Question For YOU…

What are you looking to achieve in 2023 and how are you going to get there?

The reason I ask is because this year I walked a group of remodelers through the Remodelers VIP Club experience.

Each one of them had progress they wanted to make over the course of the year.

And through the combination of online and LIVE (in-person!) training,

Professional coaching, encouragement, clear goal setting, and accountability,

All of them dialed in their business and moved their businesses (and lives) forward this past year.

So I ask again…

What are you looking to achieve in 2023 and how are you going to get there?

In every remodeling business, there are 6 CORE PILLARS that you must keep track of and continually pay attention to!

In the Remodelers VIP Club, we provide the expertise, training, tools, encouragement, and resources to help you dial in these 6 CORE PILLARS.

Optimizing these 6 Core Pillars will lead to higher profits, a greater level of control over your time, increased clarity and confidence, and reduced stress….

That’s a great combination!

So about this Remodelers VIP Club…

The schedule is laid out for the whole year and the doors are now open.

The Remodelers VIP Club is a one-of-a-kind experience that combines both virtual and in-person training designed and tailored for YOU and your specific business.

As a Remodelers VIP Club member, you can expect exceptional results, because the coaching is laser-focused around leveraging the 6 Core Pillars of your business. 
Once optimized, this will lead to higher profits and a greater level of control over your time. 
You’re going to love it!
But before I lay out the full details, I have to tell you, there is a catch…
We’ll only be adding a few new members!
So, watch the 5:17 minute video below, then review the details. If Remodelers VIP Club sounds like a great fit for your business, grab your seat fast, because it’s first come, first served.

Watch The Video Below!

Remodelers VIP Club - The Rest of 2023

The Foundation

Each and every month, you and your team (yes, they can join these trainings as well…) will be able to participate in the following training on a specific topic related to one of the 6 Core Pillars:

Each of these meetings has a specific focus. 

The consistency and scope of these meetings nearly guarantees you will continue to produce measurable results month over month!

Here are some details about the training related to each Core Pillar!

Core Pillar #1 Financials

(January & February Focus)

You will gain access to my proprietary processes for elevating your financial acumen, by making it easy to understand. I know numbers aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s why I created step-by-step virtual trainings to help you and your team take on Job Costing, Change Orders, and increasing your profits

You’ll leave these focused trainings energized and crystal clear on: 

  • How to optimize your mark-up and increase your Gross Profit & Net Profit
  • How to understand your P&L in an advanced way
  • How to save time and streamline your Job Costing
  • And, flat out, how to make more money in your remodeling business

Dialing in this Core Pillar will have a major impact on your profitability.

Bring your questions and prepare to learn and implement!

Core Pillar #2 Production

(March & April Focus)

The organization, planning, and processes that you have for your production team will either lead to chaos and constant questions and phone calls or lead to a production department that is prepared and in greater harmony. We will focus on training that will streamline your production pillar and that will quiet down and work to remove the chaos. 

We’ll focus our training on… 

  • Pre-Construction Meetings
  • The Final 5% 
  • Best Practices and Approach for Scheduling Your Projects Well 
  • A Clear Training for How Your Team Can Start & End Their Days Professionally 

Core Pillar #3 Sales Process

(May & June Focus)

The MAIN ATTRACTION of the training on this Core Pillar is getting your butt to Ann Arbor, Michigan for a powerful (and FUN) two days of in-person training with me and your fellow VIP Club Members.

Admission is $1997 but you receive a FREE ticket included with your Remodelers VIP Club membership. Additional seats can be purchased for team members at a discounted rate of $797.  

This in-person experience was a major highlight for members last year. It allowed them to build relationships and be immersed in training that made a major impact on their business.

This in-person event will be focused tweaking and transforming your sales process to help you position yourself as THE company your prospects should choose and will help you turn more of your leads into paying projects.

We’ll walk step-by-step through the sales process and fine-tune your approach.

We’ll dive deep into the Initial Phone Call and layout our proven “What You Must Do To Make A Great First Impression”strategy!

There will be a training session titled: No Project Left Behind: Your Lead Tracking, Sales Pipeline, and Follow-Up System.

We’ll dig into how you are Charging for Design & Project Development

If you’re already charging for design & project development, I guarantee you’ll strengthen your approach and streamline your process even more by attending this training.

I’m very excited to SEE YOU during our focus on the Sales Process Core Pillar.

Core Pillar #4 Marketing

(July & August Focus)

Marketing is the lifeblood of your business and is one of the 6 Core Pillars you need to give smart, consistent attention. 

And while leads may have been flowing pretty well over the last few years, things have been shifting lately and you can’t be complacent when it comes to your marketing. 

We’ll dive deep into a combination of branding, lead generation, and differentiation training during these months.

We’ll focus on helping you set your remodeling business head and shoulders above the competition, so when homeowners in your service area think “remodel” they think of you FIRST! 

I’ll be bringing in some guest experts to enhance this training as well… You’ll love them.

Core Pillar #5 Your Team

(September & October Focus)
The Team. The Team. The Team.

You’ll be heading back to Michigan for another 2-day deep-dive into this Core Pillar! Join your fellow remodelers in Ann Arbor as we make sure you’re equipped to recruit, retain, and lead your team well!

Our in-person training will feature some guest speakers with tremendous knowledge on employee retention and recruitment. We will also be providing training to continue on the path of becoming tremendous leaders of our team and building up additional leaders for our companies. 

This Core Pillar of your business is sometimes under-appreciated. Your team of employees and trade partners plays an influencial role in the success of your business. It’s a pillar we need to keep our eyes on and work to improve. 

Core Pillar #6 Planning & Mindset

(November & December Focus)
Dial-In Your Mindset & Business Planning to Achieve Tremendous Progress 

As the saying goes, “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” 

We will make sure that you have a clear vision of where your business if going in the future that you and your team are excited about. This will include a very clear business budget and game plan for your year. 

Having the right mindset can be an incredibly important element to building a successful remodeling business. And a bad mindset can be the achielle’s heel of progress. We’ll do focused training on making sure your mindset is strong. 

In addition, we will spend some time making sure that our lives outside of work are balanced. Kyle will challenge you on areas of life outside of work to make sure that you keep your focus on all of the important areas of life. 

The Extra Bonus


In addition to all of the live and in-person training, Remodelers VIP Club Members also have access to all of the following self-guided / pre-recorded courses and trainings!

6-Session $1497 Course (INCLUDED In Your VIP Club Membership!)


4-Session $997 Course (INCLUDED In Your VIP Club Membership!)

Session $1497 Course (INCLUDED in Your VIP Club Membership!)


4-Session $997 Course (INCLUDED In Your VIP Club Membership!)

Notice how purposeful the framework of Remodelers VIP Club has been thought out?

Each interaction will help you focus and move forward all while building more confidence and certainty in the 6 Core Pillars of your business.

Optimizing these 6 primary leverage points leads to higher profits and a greater level of control over your time.

Here is a quick recap of what you’ll get when you become a Remodelers VIP Club member:

  • Game-Changing Training – Each and every month you will receive training from Kyle or another industry leader in actionable training around one of the Core Pillars. 
  • Owners Only Dream Team Groups – A dedicated group of 4 remodelers you’ll meet with monthly to handle your most pressing challenges head-on and keep each other accountable to growth. 
  • Batting Practice – A dedicated monthly meeting where you sharpen your skills, build confidence, and take ownership of your leadership process. These calls are POWERFUL and a lot of fun. We laugh. We learn. We PRACTICE the exact phrases and wording on a focused topic each month. 
  • Coaching Gym with Kyle – Take advantage of Kyle’s years of experience coaching remodelers and bring your most pressing questions to that month’s Open Coaching time!
  • Quarterly Goal Setting Session – A dedicated quarterly meeting to evaluate, track, and set goals. This is about building momentum each and every month. 
  • 1st PILLAR FINANCIALS – Dedicated focused training, advice, and feedback to sharpen your money skills and increase profits. This is about fine-tuning your balance sheet and building confidence in the financial strength of your company. 
  • 2nd PILLAR PRODUCTION – From Pre-Construction through the Final 5%, we’re going to work on optimizing each step of production.
  • 3rd PILLAR SALES PROCESS – Dedicated focused training, support, and advice to streamline and simplify what can be a heady process.You will have everything you need to help you turn more prospects into profitable projects. (See you live and in-person in Michigan!) 
  • 4th PILLAR MARKETING – Dedicated focused training, industry-leading tools, and proven tips and techniques for increasing lead flow, differentiating your company from the competition, and becoming the go-to, top-of-mind remodeling business in your service area. This quarter will result in more qualified projects coming into your business, ready to buy. 
  • 5th PILLAR YOUR TEAM – Your Team is a critical part of the success of your business. We’re going to make sure you’re recruiting, retaining, and leading a strong team! (See you live and in-person in Michigan!)
  • 6th PILLAR PLANNING & MINDSET – We will dial in your vision for your company and life outside of work to make sure that your mindset is strong and ready for growth. This is a dedicated focus to round out the year and set a solid vision and action plan for the next. You will strengthen your skills and abilities and lead your team better than ever before.


When people pay me for coaching, what’s rolling through my head is:

“If they give me $1,000, how can I help them achieve a ROI of at least $10,000 in results (10X)”

That’s exactly my plan with this group. To 10X your investment… 

  • There are four pre-recorded courses as part of Remodelers VIP Club ($4988 of value)
  • There are two in-person events (offered at $1997 x 2 = $3994 of value)
  • There’s also another 4 Quarterly Goal Setting Sessions
  • 12 Owners Only Dream Meetings
  • 12 Batting Practice / Workshop Sessions
  • 12 Other Trainings sprinkled in during the year related to the quarter’s theme
  • Conservatively, these trainings have a real-world value of $897 a month, that’s an additional $10,764 of value.

As you can see, Remodelers VIP Club is easily a $19,746 value… but it doesn’t stop there!

Look, if you’ve gotten to know me over the years… It’s pretty easy to see that I LOVE to over-deliver! 

So, when you become a Remodelers VIP Club member, don’t think for a second that if you reach out to me or post in the VIP Club Membership Area (we have a sweet app set-up for the group), that I won’t take the time to reply back to you via email, or record a Loom video, or if you’re really in a pinch, will hop on a quick phone call with you… I absolutely will!

My primary goal for this group is MASSIVE RESULTS… MASSIVE ROI against the price of admission! 

That type of direct access to me is conservatively worth an additional $6000+ of value during the year.

All in all, Remodelers VIP Club is a solid $25,746+ of value. (In fact, I’ve seen other trainers charge much more for much less.)

That’s why I can confidentially say Remodelers VIP Club delivers the most bang for your buck VALUE than you’ll find anywhere in our industry! 

I would feel absolutely justified charging $1400/month for Remodelers VIP Club and over time, I may take the advice of my colleagues and friends and price it there… 

But, if you are quick enough to claim one of the last remaining spots in the 2023 VIP CLUB group…

You’ll lock in a generous 50% savings and pay just $697/month.

We’re doing a limited opening for the second half of 2023 ensures my team and I can support you (and every member) fully whenever you reach out with questions or need help implementing something.

So, applications for the Remodelers VIP Club will close Tuesday, June 27th at 9:00PM EST (or when spots are filled).  

Honestly, right now is your very best opportunity to get this one-of-a-kind elite-level training and support at this low investment.

We’re filling up fast so complete the form below to claim your spot!

Apply For Your Spot!

Fill out my online form.

I’ll review your application, make sure you’re a great fit for the group, and then we’ll reach out to let you know your spot is CONFIRMED!


P.S. While I’m hoping members look at Remodelers VIP Club as a full 2023 Commitment…  You won’t be locked into any kind of fancy contract. 

There’s no long-term commitment. If you decide in August that you’ve already gotten what you need from your membership, you can step back and open your spot for someone else. In other words, it’s a ‘month to month’ agreement.

P.P.S. This is an exceptionally economical way to make tremendous forward progress in your remodeling business. 

You’ll receive elite-level support, training, and industry-leading tools at your fingertips, specifically focused on the six biggest leverage points that lead to higher profits and more control of your precious time. 

If you’ve been feeling stressed out or overwhelmed about your business, Remodelers VIP Club is the solution that will deliver clarity, confidence and certainty in 2023.  I’d love to have you join me on this journey!

Here’s a quick video from the Spring 2022 in-person event I did so that you can get a feel for what you can expect. Do you want this experience? If so, grab your spot today!