Cost of Project Execution Live & In-Person!

September 7-8, 2023 Minneapolis, MN

Your Coaches Are Ready For You!

Kyle Hunt

Owner, Remodelers On The Rise

Michael Anschel

Principal of OA Design + Build + Architecture

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30+ Remodelers learned and IMPLEMENTED the Cost of Project Execution Method at the end of 2022​

It was the first time a deep-dive training was offered and completed. People loved it, it’s been transforming their remodeling businesses.
They have a new, more profitable way to approach pricing and transparently working with their clients.
We have now decided to transform the virtual training into a live 2-day event!

Learn the method that transforms how you estimate and sell your remodeling projects

C.O.P.E. can help you: 

Be more confident in your estimating

Increase gross profit on your projects

Increase your closing percentages

Be more transparent in your pricing with clients

Transform the way you think about pricing and selling your projects

Here's What to Expect:

On Wednesday, September 6th, you’ll fly or drive into Minneapolis. That evening, we will kick things off with hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and a tour of Michael Anschel’s OA Design Build offices. You’ll see how they’re set up and see the details of their processes and business.

You’ll also meet their team and other remodelers from around the country who are attending the C.O.P.E. course just like you are! 

Day 1 - Laying the Foundation

Thursday, September 7th, you’ll wake up and head to the Simpson Strong-Tie facility.

We have a wonderful classroom space where Michael and Kyle will dive into teaching the C.O.P.E. method. We’ll look at the foundational principles, how transformative this has been for other remodelers, and look at the overview of how to estimate your full overhead and what you’re putting into each project. 
On Day 1, we will cover:
  • Estimating in the Modern Era – C.O.P.E. Overview & WHY This Works!
  • The C.O.P.E. Categories
  • 4 Primary Components 
  • Strong Estimating Principles 
  • C.O.P.E. Overhead Calculator 

At the end of the day, the team at Simpson will be offering a Happy Hour and Tour of their facilities. This will be a great behind-the-scenes opportunity to see Simpson’s production, processes, and some of their insights into efficient estimating!

Simpson Strong-Tie is a proud sponsor of the Cost of Project Execution Live Event!

Day 2 - Putting it Altogether and Selling the Process

On Friday, September 8th, we’ll head back to the Simpson Strong-Tie facility for a second day of training and workshops!

We tie everything together, dig into some real-life examples, and have plenty of time for Q&A. 
On Day 2, we will cover:
  • Transparency in Estimating 
  • Your Sales Presentation
  • Full Examples of How C.O.P.E. was Estimated, Organized, and Successfully Sold
  • Bonus: Contracts, Billing Methods, and more! 

You’ll leave that day with clarity on all you need to fully implement the C.O.P.E. method, strengthen your estimating, and increase your profits. 

Beyond that, you’ll also leave having built relationships with remodelers from all around the country who are working to do the same thing!

Some Of The Benefits You’ll Realize From This C.O.P.E. Event

Find Common Ground with Prospects

Truly advocate for your clients!

Two Coaches for the Price of One

Michael is an experienced teacher AND creator of the content/COPE approach. Kyle will help drive things forward on how you can apply and implement.

Increase Know, Like, and Trust

Move from adversarial to advocate with your clients.

Increase Your Closing Percentage

Differentiate your business. While competitors might be using an old method, you have transparent pricing and no hidden markup.

Understanding Your Profit Potential

Learn how to let the numbers help you choose profitable projects. Understanding your profit potential on a given project.

Easier Estimating

Because you’re not marking up the bits and pieces – you can quickly and easily rework estimates to address the changes that happen in project development. No more wasted hours!

No Shell Game

No more hiding things. What happens when they say ‘Can I see the numbers?’ you will show up confidently!

Really Clear View Of Your Profit

Your actual profit. Trust us. This changes everything! You will be able to see and track EXACTLY how much money on any project is connected to profit. No more fuzzy math!

Foundational Overhead

Detail, assign, and allocate overhead so that you and your company are protected truthfully.

Grow Your Real Profit Margins

Price things in a totally different way to protect and even grow your actual profit margins.

What Other Remodelers Are Saying About C.O.P.E.

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We've worked hard to prepare clear, actionable training to help you learn and IMPLEMENT this transformative method!

General Admission

Join us for this groundbreaking event for only:

$ 2,999
  • Pre-Event Networking Event
  • Two-Day Conference Ticket
  • Networking with Like-Minded Remodelers
  • Coffee Breaks & Lunch
  • C.O.P.E. Guidebook to Help You Implement
  • Complete Course Recording Access ($1997 Value!)

Additional Seats for Your Company

Bring an additional person from your company for only...

$ 997
  • Pre-Event Networking Event
  • Two-Day Conference Ticket
  • Networking with Like-Minded Remodelers
  • Coffee Breaks & Lunch
  • C.O.P.E. Guidebook to Help You Implement
  • Complete Course Recording Access ($1997 Value!)

Our Goal Is To Clearly Present & Help You To Implement A Transformational Approach To How You Estimate & Price Your Projects

The value of this system, over the years that you use it, will easily run into multiple $100,000+ dollars.

The training will enable you to protect your Overhead & Profit.

Build up the trust and transparency that you have with your prospects and clients.

Give you clarity and confidence in your estimating.

And will transform your business.

For this investment, you will also receive access to the recorded version of the course (recorded December 2022) to review! ($1997 value!)

Our goal is to 10X your investment in the course very quickly.

Getting to the venue

The 2 days of training will be hosted at the Simpson Strong-Tie Facility.

We will provide hotel & restaurant recommendations in the area. 

Get Directions the Event Hall

8450 Courthouse Blvd Building 1,

Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077

Event Schedule

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