Here’s A Fresh, Modern, Proven, & Powerful Way To Estimate & Price Your Projects

Cost Of Project Execution

A 6-Session Deep Dive Course 

Led by Michael Anschel & Kyle Hunt

Join us for a 6-week course held via Zoom where we’ll dig into the details of pricing your projects profitably.
Each week, we’re focused on a different area. Our goal is that you won’t just understand the concepts but that you’ll IMPLEMENT them into your business.

Micheal Anschel

Principal of OA Design + Build + Architecture

Kyle Hunt

Owner, Remodelers On The Rise

A story from Kyle

I (Kyle) have been coaching remodelers for 15+ years now.

Something I’ve worked on in my coaching is to not be stuck in my ways, but always be open-minded and keep learning.

The marketplace continues to change.

The way people buy continues to change. 

We need to look no further than the last few years in our industry to see incredible shifts in material prices, the cost of your trade partners, and the sophistication of the clients you’re working with.

We also have seen a rapid increase in the use and integration of technology.

If we continue to do things the way we’ve always done them, there’s a good chance we’re going to fall behind. 

On my Remodelers On The Rise podcast, I’ve interviewed Michael Anschel, Principal of OA Design + Build + Achitecture four times (see one of the interviews here) and have had many additional conversations with him on his approach to estimating and pricing his projects.

While I’ve always taught volume-based pricing with a single markup number, I’ve approached all of my conversations with Michael with an open mind.


Over the last 18-24 months, I’ve had a number of my remodeling clients embrace and start using Michael’s Cost Of Project Execution (C.O.P.E.) method and I’ve paid close attention to the results. 

What I’m seeing and hearing is that this method has been transformative for those remodelers. 

It’s helped them:

  • Be more confident in their estimating 
  • It’s helped them increase gross profit on projects 
  • It’s helped them increase their closing percentages
  • Some of them are choosing to be more transparent in their pricing with clients 
  • And it has transformed the way they think about pricing and selling their projects

Have you been intrigued by the C.O.P.E. Method? Join Us…

Michael and Kyle have decided to teach a course on C.O.P.E.

Michael is a smart, professional, and experienced remodeler but he’s also a very talented teacher. He’s been on the stage of all of the big industry events for a long time. 


Kyle is a business coach for remodelers who has successfully coached hundreds of remodelers through building stronger, more profitable businesses and helping them IMPLEMENT what they're learning. 


They will be making this an energetic and fun learning environment. And you’ll walk away from this course with a clear, fresh, and new approach that could very well transform your business.

Some Of The Benefits You’ll Realize From This Course

Find Common Ground with Prospects 

Truly advocate for your clients!

Two Coaches for the Price of One

Michael is an experienced teacher AND creator of the content/COPE approach.

Kyle will help drive things forward on how you can apply and implement.

Increase Know, Like, and Trust 

Move from adversarial to advocate with your clients.

Increase Your Closing Percentage

Differentiate your business. While competitors might be using an old method, you have transparent pricing and no hidden markup.


Understanding Your Profit Potential 

Learn how to let the numbers help you choose profitable projects. Understanding your profit potential on a given project.

Easier Estimating 

Because you’re not marking up the bits and pieces – you can quickly and easily rework estimates to address the changes that happen in project development. No more wasted hours!

No Shell Game 

No more hiding things. What happens when they say ‘can I see the numbers?’ you will show up confidently!

Really Clear View Of Your Profit

Your actual profit. Trust us. This changes everything! You will be able to see and track EXACTLY how much money on any project is connected to profit. No more fuzzy math!

Foundational Overhead 

Detail, assign, and allocate overhead so that you and your company are protected truthfully.

Grow Your Real Profit Margins  

Price things in a totally different way to protect and even grow your actual profit margins.

Here's what Michael has to say about what we're up to!​

Here's what Kyle has to say about what we're up to!

What Other Remodelers Are Saying About C.O.P.E.

How The Course Will Work

At the end of this course, you’ll have everything you need to start building stronger profits and more comprehensive estimating.

And for the price of admission, you can have key members of your team attend at no additional investment.

Session 1 – Calculating a Comprehensive Overhead 

You’ll leave with a stronger grasp of what running your projects actually costs you. 

Session 2 – Full & Complete Estimating 

We’ll make sure your estimates include everything needed to run the project (including the behind-the-scenes work!) We’ll look a New Management Codes, Estimating Project Execution, and Overhead Assignment

Session 3 – Transparency and Dynamic Margins

You’ll get clear on how to get clear with yourself and, in turn, your prospects! 

Session 4 – Capacity & Ideal Projects 

You’ll know how to use your capacity to figure out overhead. 


Session 5 – You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers! 

We will review all of our course content and leave lots of time to review examples and answer your questions.

Session 6 – Check-in & Implementations

Now that you’ve had a chance to start IMPLEMENTING what you’ve learned, we’ll check-in, answer questions, and ensure you have full mastery. 

Our Goal Is To Clearly Present & Help You To Implement A Transformational Approach To How You Estimate & Price Your Projects

The value of this system, over the years that you use it, will easily run into multiple $100,000+ dollars.

The training will enable you to protect your Overhead & Profit.

Build up the trust and transparency that you have with your prospects and clients.

Give you clarity and confidence in your estimating.

And will transform your business.

The investment in the self-guided course is $1497.

As a reminder: For this investment, you can have key members of your team attend at no additional investment.

Our goal is to 10X your investment in the course very quickly.

A Money Back Guarantee for You:

We could easily charge $6,000 for this powerfully important training and we intend to deliver at that level…

But, if for any reason you feel we’ve fallen short on our commitment, you can, within 7 days of attending the first training, simply send us an email asking for a refund and we’ll process it right away. We can’t imagine that happening, because the clarity and confidence you’ll walk away with will not only elevate the professionalism of how you run your remodeling business, it will, in fact, make you MORE MONEY!