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Remodelers On The Rise by Kyle Hunt is a podcast designed to inspire remodeling entrepreneurs like yourself. Practical tips, high-level strategy, specific examples, and information that you can grab and implement into your remodeling business. The goal is to empower you to make your remodeling business more enjoyable, profitable, and enable you more freedom in your business and life.

"Kyle you do such a great job delivering great content on your podcast, while simultaneously entertaining your listener. Your genuine, open honest approach, matched with your ability to dig deep, not take things too seriously and deliver GREAT value is such a wonderful combination. Keep those podcasts coming!"Recent Podcast Review

"I've been a contractor for 20 years but always learn something new From Kyle' podcasts. Especially liked the 2 episodes on Smart Selling. Hope you'll put out more of them!" - Recent Podcast Review





May 5, 2021

Kyle talks with Paul McManus and Peter Ranney about how the Canvas app they've been talking about in the Remodelers Community Facebook Group!

They discuss what it is, how it works, and how they're using it in their businesses. 

If you want to see the visual of Kyle, Peter, and Paul and their screen shares of what...

Apr 28, 2021

On this Remodelers On The Rise Show, Kyle riffs on a variety of topics.

He shares some one-liners to spark your thinking and challenge you - and goes through them 1 by 1. You'll pick up something that will fire you up and help you and your remodeling business!

Apr 20, 2021

What is something you need to fix in your business and WHY?

On today's show, Kyle is going to offer advice to 7 remodelers who answered this question.

We'll discuss how to streamline your sales process, hand off your bookkeeping, estimating best practices, and more!

Mar 24, 2021

Is there a type of project where your team excels & that's most profitable? Should you niche down and focus only on that type of project? In this episode, Kyle addresses the benefits of being a specialist, not a generalist.

Feb 23, 2021

Everyone will exit their business at some point – it’s inevitable! Most contractors, with no exit plan in place, will simply close their doors leaving years of past client goodwill, established contractor and supplier relationships, and dedicated employees to simply go away when those respected company...