What our clients are saying.

I wanted to let you know that I'm super happy with the content that you've been putting out on our behalf. It's only been a couple of weeks so not seeing any measurable results yet but I'm sure it's going to be a big benefit. Keep it up!
- Curtis Lawson
You have been a lifesaver to us and our business, thank you!
- Rob & Linda Bartosiewicz
We love Remodelers Autopilot. Super effectiveđź‘Ť
- Heather Francis
Sign up for Remodelers AutoPilot, huge value for the small investment.
- Bram Weitzman
I firmly believe would not have gotten this award without you and your guidance and expertise!
- Justin Shipp
The one-on-one coaching sessions with Kyle are incredible.
- Koreen Pray
The 4 courses I took this year were well worth the monetary investment and the investment in time.
- Phil Bennett
Kyle - you're always awesome and lend excellent perspective! The course was great - thanks for the clear teaching and push to improve!
- Aaron Baker
Thought I would have to go from our calls and CREATE and make the things we were talking about implementing. You’re providing them to me! Making it so much easier to implement and do!
- Andrew Webster
The thing I appreciate most about Kyle is that he cares about people and wants us to succeed in business and life. He constantly provides value, and has been a huge benefit to me and my business.
- Justin Kolic
Kyle always brings to the table a refreshing and wise perspective. He knows our business well, but doesn’t work here daily, which allows him to provide unbiased opinions and suggestions. I always look forward to our meetings and they truly never seem long enough. He reads people well, is a great listener, and I never leave a meeting without some new value having been added to my day.
- Ashley Gibaud
Thanks again for all the content, I would not be this far along without your help.
- Tim King
Your course was very practical so that I could take what you taught and apply it immediately. The course covered many topics and common issues many of us have. Great and informative and you made it fun. Really got a lot out of it - thank you!
- Jan Joslin