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Remodelers On The Rise by Kyle Hunt is a podcast designed to inspire remodeling entrepreneurs like yourself. Practical tips, high-level strategy, specific examples, and information that you can grab and implement into your remodeling business. The goal is to empower you to make your remodeling business more enjoyable, profitable, and enable you more freedom in your business and life.

"Kyle you do such a great job delivering great content on your podcast, while simultaneously entertaining your listener. Your genuine, open honest approach, matched with your ability to dig deep, not take things too seriously and deliver GREAT value is such a wonderful combination. Keep those podcasts coming!"Recent Podcast Review

"I've been a contractor for 20 years but always learn something new From Kyle' podcasts. Especially liked the 2 episodes on Smart Selling. Hope you'll put out more of them!" - Recent Podcast Review





Jul 20, 2021

Today's episode discusses how to have a strong annual meeting, what to cover, how to set goals, and how to implement a plan to achieve those goals!

Jul 20, 2021

Join Kyle and Phil Bennett for the worst podcast ever! Are you intrigued? You should be!

Jul 13, 2021

Kyle will be joined by Nolan Orfield and Jack Dean of Clear Estimates to discuss why estimating is so critical to profitability, common pitfalls remodelers make in their estimating, and some tips to help you refine your process!

Jul 6, 2021

A few weeks ago, Bryan Sebring shared an excellent, detailed flow chart of his remodeling process. He's going to share how and why he created it, how he uses it in his remodeling business, and how other remodelers can implement their own flow charts.

See a copy of the flow chart we're discussing here:

Jun 29, 2021

"If I can't provide good jobs I don't really care to be in business." 

Today, Kyle's going to hit on providing good jobs, attracting quality employees, and ways you can create a wonderful place to work.